Top Four Ideas to Throw a Great New Year’s Eve Party

Top Four Ideas to Throw a Great New Year's Eve PartySimilar to the celebration on 25th December, New Year’s is one of the few times per year that friends and family members come together for a party.  Unfortunately, unlike Christmas, a New Year’s party can be trickier to plan.  While Christmas has a strong theme, New Year’s is based purely around a ten-second countdown to midnight.

If you are hosting a New Year’s party this year, you may find yourself struggling to come up with an inspirational party idea.  Fear not!  Here are four top party ideas to help keep family and friends entertained until the countdown and well into the first few hours of the New Year.

1.  Cater to Your Guests

Dependent on the number of guests you are catering for, New Year’s Eve can allow you to be flexible regarding the amount of food being prepared for the party.  If the gathering is a small one, it can be great to prepare a full meal for the guests with classic mint julep cups because, unlike Christmas, you are able to be as creative as you want regarding the menu.  If you are planning a party with numerous guests, then it might be better to choose a range of nibbles allowing the guests to eat as much as their tummies can hold.  For inspiration on what food to serve, consider the recipes on the Food Network.

2.  Choose Some Fun Party Games

Planning a party game is highly dependent on the guests you have invited.  A festive idea is to create cards for all the guests to fill in, which is a creative take on the New Year’s resolution idea; but make them as silly as you like.  When the cards are filled out, anonymously, read them out and play a game of guessing who wrote which card.  However, if you are having a smaller party, when not make an end of year quiz by pitting the guest’s wits against the other.

3.  Celebrate a Global New Year’s

This is a wonderful option for both children and adults because it allows everyone to enjoy the countdown while creating opportunities to learn how other countries celebrate entering the New Year.  Begin by preparing which other New Years’ you would like to celebrate.  For example, according to the time zone difference, India is 6:30 pm London time; whereas Moscow, Russia is 9 pm London time.  Germany is 11 pm London time, along with many other European countries.

Not only will enjoying these New Year celebrations provide children who are too young to remain awake for midnight the chance to celebrate, but it also provides you with room to be creative.  Try preparing food for guests based on the countries you choose to celebrate and have guests nibble on these traditional dishes.  For example, why not enjoy a hearty beer and schnitzel when the German New Year is waved in?  If you are considering celebrating Russia’s countdown and seeing the New Year in with Moscow, while your clock strikes 9 …

4 Tips for Keeping Your Valuables Safe in Self Storage

4 Tips for Keeping Your Valuables Safe in Self Storage

When you place your valuables in self-storage, you need to look for some advice on how to keep them as safe as possible.  This should be done if you are using your storage for your shoes or for your rare book collection.  The possessions you have in the storage facility will generally be less vulnerable than in your home because of the security of these facilities.

Self-storage facilities will have CCTV monitoring the units and many facilities have live-in security.  However, there are also opportunistic thieves who know that the pickings are good in these facilities.  The problem is that once they have access to your unit, there is nothing stopping them.  A well-managed facility will focus on security, but you also need to take some steps.

It would be common sense to take some precautions when it comes to keeping your valuables safe.  If you are going to be storing your items long-term, you want to ensure that nothing bad happens to them.  You can ensure this by knowing how to minimise the risk of theft.

Safe and Sound

Placing your possessions in self-storage is a good step to keeping them safe.  However, something that you will want to avoid is getting the items back damaged because they were not prepared correctly for their time in storage.  This is why you need to look at packing and boxing everything in your unit correctly to ensure that no damage is done to them.

Keep a Record

It is recommended that you create an itemized inventory of all the items you will place into your storage unit.  This is particularly important if you are going to regularly use the unit and will access it frequently.  You should not only record the item, but the replacement value as well along with the serial number of any electronic items.  Once this has been completed, you will be able to use it should you make a claim against theft, damage or fire.

Lock It Securely

When it comes to securing your goods, you need to take some responsibility.  In most storage facilities, a good padlock and chain will be enough to keep your goods safe.  They are also the most essential deterrents when it comes to thwarting theft.  The lock that you get should be one that is tamperproof and will be able to withstand a challenge from wire and bolt cutters.

Any good storage facility will also offer layers of security for your items.  You need to consider if there is any perimeter fencing in place as well as the construction of the entry and exit gate.  You need to find out what video surveillance is being used because a video recording can help to identify and apprehend a thief that tries to gain access to your unit.

The Environmental Protection

Before you rent a unit, you need to ask the facility about the measures that are in place to keep out any harsh climate extremes.  There are some items that …

Suicide, Some Facts- Know your Mental Health Therapist

Suicide, Some Facts- Know your Mental Health Therapist

The time you choose to get yourself dealt with of any mental problem, the part of a specialist comes into play. It is a specialist who will guide you by the treatment process until there is a finish healing. For a mental patient, they are always an embodiment of proper care, support, and protection who always look up to them in times of stress.

It is usually said in the suicide resource guide therapy that, ‘the philosophy regarding the therapy is much less essential than the connection among you and your therapist’.

Millions of people commit the terrible act of suicide every year.

It devastates families and friends and leaves them in a state of shock. The stats on suicide are truly unbelievable and shocking.

Every day approximately 14 young people commit suicide. Almost all people that commit suicide have a diagnosable mental disorder and most have more than one. Four times as many men commit suicide than women, but young women attempt suicide three times more than young men. My friends are outrageous.

Suicidal thoughts must be taken very seriously. They are just that -a thought – and a thought can be changed in a moment.

People think of suicide because they are unable to see a different solution to a problem or situation. Their brain is not working properly for them to think of a better answer than taking their own life.

There is always a better answer or solution than suicide. It can be hard to know what to do or where to go when you are in so much pain and you feel helpless and hopeless.

When you have these kinds of feelings or thoughts you need to get help as soon as you can.

It is very important to have someone you can talk to if you are thinking about killing yourself. To have someone that will be able to help you find a better answer to the problem you are having or situation you are in. Find someone or call a Help Line in your area. Find anyone that can help you feel better. You are ill and you need help to get better.

You cannot do this on your own and it is OK to ask for help.

You need to change the way you are thinking to feel better. Changing you way think is the only way to come up with real positive answers to your problems or situations you are in. You can find many programs and resources on the internet that will help you change the way you think so that you can feel better about yourself and life in general.

You deserve to feel happy about yourself and life and to do that you need to change the thoughts that you have. When you have the right tools or programs you can turn your life around in a very short time. You can feel good again

It is not your fault for feeling all of this pain you have. …