What better to gift your best buddy on Friendship Day?


We’ve often heard that ‘Blood is thicker than water’ which simply means, family above all. This however is a misquote. The entire things says: ‘Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb’ which means a bond between friends is stronger than the bonds of our family. The reason for that? Well we choose our friends and to have a stranger become so close to us, is a miracle if we think about it. For this miraculous bond we always want the best.

Hence even on friendships day we want them to get the best of gifts, something only you can do for them so small, average gifts won’t cut it. Friendships day is still a few months away but the gift ideas I’m gonna give you will take awhile to take shape so start as soon as you can!
These are some unique personalized gift ideas to give to your forever partner in crime. So gift them :

  • A personalized mug set:
    You would know your BFF throughout. Hence personalizing a mug would be easy; personalizing a set would be magnificent! For one, think of a theme based on which you’ll have your mugs printed. It could be anything, from their eating habits to how they look in their jobs. Things they say most often to things you always say to them. Just remember to be witty and as hilarious as possible.
  • Custom wristbands:
    If you want something less breakable, we have you covered. Wristbands are a great gift; but remember to have them created in a pair, one for you and one for them. For this, have the wristband personalized with a moment in their life that they’re proud of considering the fact he’ll have it on his arm at all times. The next time someone approaches them and starts a conversation, your wristband should come up and he/she should be either completely embarrassed or extremely proud of themselves. There should be no middle ground.
  • A movie marathon:
    If your friend is a movie buff, this might be the thing for him. This will take a little time in research and set up so you need to be patient and calm in your approach. First find out the kinds of movies they like. Once you have the genre find out what movies they’ve watched in that genre. Single out the classic indie movies they haven’t watched in that genre for example, a low budget sci-fi movie called ‘Primer’ was missed by many which is a complete mind melter. Chances are there would be a few like these. Take 3-5 of these as the ones you’re gonna watch together. Set up your room as a theatre and provide them a printed legitimate ticket of the seat they’re gonna take in your room. Provide popcorns are drinks as per your convenience.
  • A book they always wanted:
    If your friend is an avid reader, gift them a book they haven’t read. As a reader, trust me, there’s no gift I appreciate more than a book.
  • Or a write your own:
    If you are trying to do something creative or different, you can always write your own book. This won’t be a book per see but more like a journal of all the adventures both of you’ve been on. Write short stories in a blank notebook, paste pictures. Give it a fantasy angle if you want; there is no limit to the level of creativity you can show.
  • Chocolate hampers:
    If nothing else works, chocolates have got your back. They will always be there for you to save your life. However you can always find a creative way to gift these to your friend. A big bouquet with chocolates instead of flowers looks extremely elegant and amazing!


Finally remember, put in everything your creative mind pushes you to do. Your friend deserves it all and a lot more for all the times they were there for you when you needed them.