The Technology of Laser Cutting and Its Advantages


The technology created its own way and speeds up its uses and effectiveness regularly in this modern world. Adding the name to that, laser cutting is a technology which uses the laser to cut materials and most commonly used for industrial manufacturing appliances. Taking about laser cutting, you may have a question that what is the difference between CNC cutting and laser cutting?

CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine is a computer controlled carving machine. Programs are coded and it is stored in the memory of the computer and the CNC cutting machine works as per the program of instructions fed into the controller unit of the machine.

Speaking both about CNC and laser cutting London, both have some of the unique advantages but the laser cutting becomes more and more popular nowadays. Laser cutting presents certain advantages when compared to other cutting technologies as this process uses less energy when cutting steel and aluminum sheets.


In the process of laser cutting, there is a laser beam used to cut different type of materials like metal, rubber, plastics, wood and others. The machines are equipped with computer controlled programming which instructs it how and where to cut the materials.


Now, let’s have a look at the key advantages of laser cutting technology:


  • The technology of laser cutting enables us to cut complex shapes without the requirement of tooling at a faster speed when compared to other cutting methods.
  • It also allows us to cut smaller diameter holes with complex details and greater edge quality in all type of sheet, plate, box section, tube or plate.
  • The time requires is less and the accuracy stands tall in all forms of cutting materials. The whole cutting process is easily achieved in less time when compared to traditional scissors cutting.
  • In some of the other traditional cutting processes, the heat generated may be high and there is also a change of melting materials. But, in the case of laser cutting, the heat area is comparatively small which ensures the reduction of material deformation.
  • The machine required less energy for cutting different type of materials.
  • The laser technology is applicable to cut a wide range of materials like metal, rubber, plastics, wood and others.
  • The process of laser cutting is easily controlled by computer programs which save considerable amount of time.
  • The power consumption in the process of laser cutting is quite low.
  • A typical laser cutting machine is designed to run without human intervention during cutting which ensured the safety of using it.
  • A laser machine doesn’t require replacement parts like nozzles and lenses, changing programs in the computer is like changing parts in laser machines. Hence it requires low maintenance.
  • In laser cutting, the cutting doesn’t require materials on either side. If parts share common outline, they may cut with a single cut without any scraps. Hence the wastage of materials is less when compared to other cutting machines.
  • Some machines can only cut the materials up to a maximum tensile strength. But, a laser machine can cut any strength of materials which can be a major advantage.