How To Create A Visual Brand Identity For Yourself


First impressions say a lot about you. No matter who you are, if I have etched a certain image in my mind about you, I will be looking at you so for a long time. Even if there is no conscious effort to paint someone in the mental image you have for that person, your subconscious mind will keep poking around the boundaries of your reality making you change and somehow twist and turn facts and in the end influence your final call.

This first impression is imprinted on someone of your brand via your visual identity. Visual identity is the impression that you give to your visitor when they look at your page, website, blog or just your body of work. It embeds itself in the mind of your viewer and makes them make a mental image of you. You are going to be perceived by everything you own and how it looks like. Hence it is important to have a strategy and idea as to how you want your work to look like. In short you need to create a visual identity and stay true to it. A few points that would help you make that decision are:


Observe your target audience and what you offer to them


To make an image of yourself, you need to watch the audience you are about to target. Observing them will give you ideas of how you should plan to recreate yourself. Your competitors audience will expect a certain image of a brand; giving them something new and fresh entirely will make audience approach you with curiosity and the feeling of awe and wonder.

The next incorporated element in your visual branding should be what you are offering. Find out that one thing that is missing from every competitors product and services. This will give you an edge as an added bonus over all your competitors while attaining a positive image in public.


Find Your Core


To create an effective visual brand it is imperative to be honest so you don’t have to act while you’re engaging with your customers. For example someone funny and non-serious will not be appreciated in a business where you need a calm, serious and dependable individual to take care of your issues like in a bank, insurance or law firm.

At the same time someone serious won’t make a good comedian or a clown.

Find what resides inside you and bring it out. Embrace your identity and show it to your customers.


Become A Storyteller


Your products and services don’t have to be marketed in the same old boring way. Listing your products won’t help you sell them. Tell a story about every product and service. Show you customers how your products mean business and have real-life applications. Each one of your product or service is made for a purpose. Show that purpose through a small story and people will try to create their own.


Be Consistent With Your Approach


Everything that you post on social media needs to be consistent to the image you’ve made your identity. With a simple example, If you regularly post photos which are black and white, you will attain an image of a gentleman, with a classic approach and orthodox and stringent principles in your core. If you post even a single multi-colored image with a childish or non-serious tag, you come to look like someone with a constant conflict within its ranks.
So make up your mind about how you choose to post or what is the content you’re posting.
Settle On a Style


After you’ve come to terms with your content, you need to choose a look for your brand. It needs a face that is synonymous with the type of business you’re offering and the type of content you push out. This includes choosing the right font and logo. A market solution company that aims at providing higher return to clients at a dynamic and highly critical environment can’t afford to choose text which looks like its been pulled out of a kindergarten book. People would be looking for something that emanates authority, respect and dependency.


Merchandise: While working to make interesting product or content, there’s nothing wrong in merchandising and making a little money by that. In addition to generating revenue, merchandise can also help widen your product making it visible in the wide spectrum of the already flooded market with numerous other brands. Personalizable items like rubber bracelets, t-shirts, caps or other items, can work out in your favor if you wish to go that way.



Add Videos


Make sure the business or brand that you’re operating, churns out regular videos, with engaging content and well researched topics. Videos are a great way of letting your audience know you are a brand that commands more research and original content. Your videos should also be branded so it looks more professional and turns into your intellectual property.


Stir The Emotions


People will connect better with you if you can stir their emotions. If you were able to invoke anything inside your audience, your audience will connect certain emotion to your brand. This will make your brand an important part of your customers life. Hence try to give out some well-researched articles, high-quantity content, videos that connect at a personal level and images that show you are more human than a machine. Every emotional connection ties your brand to a person’s psyche more strongly. This emotion should however again be compatible with the product or service that you are offering.


So there we go, some of the most important aspects which will make your brand not only visible but also create an identity for itself. At the end stay true to your core and your brand will never lose its identity.