5 Common Make-Up Tips For Regular Users


Makeup is very common when it comes to a woman’s world. Whether it is day to day look or a wedding look every occasion is accompanied by makeup. Most women have been doing makeup since they were 15, but most of them still don’t the most common makeup mistakes or makeup hacks. This leads to uneven makeup or a very heavy makeup that just doesn’t suit the occasion.

In today’s article I would like to talk about some of the common makeup tips for daily. These are also available in daily makeup tips in hindi for those who are more comfortable with the language.

  1. Light makeup- when it comes to day to day makeup I would always suggest you to go for the minimalistic look. Makeup does involve chemicals in some quantity. So, try not loading up your face with a lot of makeup.
  2. Choosing a sunscreen- sunscreen becomes very important in the summer season. But choosing a sunscreen is not that simple. Each skin type has different SPF needs. Also, if you over do with the SPF you might end up sweating a lot making your skin all greasy and you makeup will not stay put.
  3. Makeup according to the weather- different weather needs different makeup. In our country we go through 3 major seasons which is summer, winter and monsoon. Make sure you take care of your mascara and keep them smudge proof during the monsoon. Also, avoid using powder foundation in winter; it could make your skin flaky. Similarly, during the summer keep the makeup light otherwise you might clog your skin pores which will ultimately lead to acne outburst.
  4. Removal of makeup- we all put makeup everyday in the morning and head out for our work and other works. By the end of the day we all get very exhausted. But even so, one should always remove their makeup. Do not make the mistake of sleeping with makeup. This is very injurious to your skin and may result in oily skin, black heads, or acne outburst. So make sure, you thoroughly clean your face and use a toner every once in a while.
  5. Use a night cream- now that you have cleant your face from all that load of makeup and dust and excess oil, it is time to nourish your skin. You skin goes through wear and tear the whole day because of pollution and stress or getting tired. Using a good night cream will help your face skin cells to get back its required nourishment. This way by the morning you wake up, your skin is all fresh. This does well to you in a longer run and you will have soft skin for a longer age.

So, I hope these common and simple makeup in Hindi tips will come in handy. I am sure you might have known a few of them already. But for those who were not following any of these, it’s time to get started.